Letitia Venter is a hardworking, driven, knowledgeable individual that prides herself on her professionalism. She started her career in the Accounting and Auditing field and after completing her articles for Chartered Accountant she decided to pursue her true passion in life;

To be a mother.

She is very proud of her new "career" path as a stay-at-home mother. She has found her calling in raising and shaping a young mind, in that of her beautiful and spirited little girl.

She is passionate about helping and empowering people through knowledge and started this blog to do so. Her aim is to provide evidence-based, factual articles on all things baby and child related, as well as a variety of other articles that her readers can benefit from, for example product reviews and some lighthearted entertainment when she brings her good sense of humor into her writing.

During her pregnancy, she gathered a lot of information on caring for and raising a baby, from various sources such as medical professionals, research studies, medical journals etc because she could not find one comprehensive source of information to learn from. After her daughter's birth she decided to create that comprehensive guide that she had looked for herself, drawing from the wealth of information she had gathered.

Therefore, "Baby Guide for the Modern Mother" was born.


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