I'm Letitia, mother to two little girls.

I used to be a career woman in the corporate world, but when we struggled with infertility we decided that I would leave the stressful life and focus on starting our family. Shortly after, we were blessed with our little girl and 3 years later our second.

During my pregnancy, I spent countless hours researching and reading all the latest information and research on the topics of child development, infant nutrition and everything you could possibly need to know about keeping a tiny human alive and raising a baby in modern times.

The more I connected with other mothers, I came to realize a need for information and support. People may ask, "Why listen to a mere mother?"

I say, why not a mother? We create these tiny humans inside our amazing bodies or adopt these little humans with the greatest love in our hearts.

Which ever amazing way they come into our lives, they become the center of our universe and we spend most of our life devoted to them. All mothers are the experts on their own children. While you may not find all the information I share relevant to you, you may read something that resonates with you and that you'd like to apply to your mothering journey.

When I'm not picking up toys and doing laundry, I enjoy blogging and connecting with fellow mothers. I'm currently breastfeeding my daughters and plan to do so until they self-wean.

That is also why I'm passionate about helping mothers breastfeed and why I do volunteer work as a Lactation Consultant in my community, for which I received training. Besides motherhood and breastfeeding, I am passionate about empowering mothers through shared knowledge.


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