This phrase runs through a new mom's head hundred's of times during day and night. Somehow my little girl that can make so much noise when she is unhappy is also capable of going into "supersonic mode" with her breathing, so quiet that you cannot hear a breath or see her chest move.

You can also make use of one of the very handy, state of the art systems to track your baby's breathing.

If you are not using a device to monitor your baby's breathing, you can use these old-school methods of checking on your baby:

  1. Look at your baby's chest intently to see if it is moving. (I would spend a solid 5 minutes just staring at her, trying to see the chest move a millimeter, then doubt myself and move to option number 2 to make sure I really saw it move)
  2. Gently place your hand on baby's stomach or back to try and feel if they are breathing (similar to placing your hand on a grenade, careful not to wake the sleeping baby. Then I would still doubt myself and move to option 3)
  3. Place your finger inches from baby's nose to feel the breath against your finger. (By the time I feel the breath against my finger she has usually made a sound or a squeal in her sleep, reassuring me she is fine, seeing as I have now spent 10 minutes trying to reassure myself)

You can also make use of one of the very handy, state of the art systems to track your baby's breathing, such as the Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor that clips to baby's diaper and sounds an alarm when it does not pick up breathing. We have the Snuza Hero but have only used it once, as it sounded a false alarm and woke the baby - I probably fastened it incorrectly tho - but still not cool.

Alternatively there is also the Angelcare Movement Monitors that have the pressure plate you place under baby's crib mattress to track the breathing. It will also sound an alarm when no movement is detected. We have the AC1300 Movement, Sound and Video Monitor, although we have yet to use it as we decided to co-sleep and thus cannot use it in our bed.
Snuza is available on TakeALot, Checkers stores and various baby stores. It is a South African products that is shipped world wide. The Snuza Hero cost us about R 800 in 2016.
Angelcare products are available on TakeALot and various baby stores. The AC1300 cost us about R 4,000 in 2016 and it has the video and sound monitor as well.