When you start wondering, "What is that awful smell?", while cuddling your newborn, it is worth taking a look at the neck-fold. Obviously after checking the diaper ;)

Throughout the day spit-up, milk, hairs, pieces of fluff and somehow small crumbs gather in the neck-fold. As you can imagine, this mix of foreign fluids and objects can become quite smelly in the damp neck-folds and will begin to give off a bad odor. If not cleaned properly, your baby can develop a rash and it can even become infected if not tended to.

It is quite tricky to access the neck-fold for a cleaning, or as I like to call it; Fort Knox. It is especially tricky in the early weeks while your newborn has little to no neck control. As baby's neck muscles develop and she becomes strong enough to look around, it gives you access to the neck-folds.

In the early weeks I used to take a very thin facecloth, made of thinner material than your standard facecloth to access the folds and wipe them clean. During bath time I would use the thin facecloth, as well as run my soapy fingers through the holds, making sure to pick out the pieces of fluff and also rinsing the soap away afterwards.

As my little girl has begun to develop neck control, I have figured out a couple of tricks. First trick is to let her lay on her bath chair or floaty, facing away from me, then chatting to her so that she is forced to pull her head back and look up at me to make conversation, this gives me good access to the neck. Second trick is to hold her upright against me when we bath together, so that she can look around at all the interesting toys on the side of the bath, this also gives me access to Fort Knox.

If you are out and about, you can also use a wet-wipe to clean the neck, just be careful of scented wipes that can be too harsh on the delicate neck skin. As the neck skin is almost never exposed to the world, with the skin being all rumpled up, it tends to be more tender and delicate.

Also be sure to dry the neck-folds properly after bath time, making sure no moisture is trapped in there. If you find your baby spits up a lot or sweats a lot, you can also apply some Elizabeth Anne Purity Corn Starch Powder to the folds after bath time. (Not talcum powder which has been linked to cancer and respiratory powder due to the talc it contains).