While changing a baby's diaper may seem like a fairly simple task, there are some tricks and tips that can make the task easier.

You also get nappy pull up pants but just remember that if they have a dirty diaper, when you pull down the diaper, the poop may smear all along their leg as you pull.

Most people already know to be careful of being peed on when opening a baby boy's diaper. What most people fail to mention, is that girls do it too! I learned this the hard way.

Even if they don't immediately empty their bladder, don't think you are in the clear. You have to be quick when pulling out the dirty diaper and slipping in the new one beneath them. My husband made the mistake of taking too long to put on the diaper after bath time and our little girl made a huge puddle on mommy's side of the bed!

When my husband want to be extra safe, he lays our girl down on the new diaper before taking off the old one. That way the new one is ready and waiting underneath her.

Make sure to gather all your needed essentials before opening up the diaper. You want the wet wipes pulled from the packet, laying ready to be used. You also want to take the lid off the diaper cream and have a plastic baggie open and ready to receive the used wipes.

For soiled diapers, I always ready a warm face(bum)cloth at the tap before starting with the clean up. After I wiped off all the poop with the 100+ wet-wipes, I use the wet cloth to make sure everything is clean and there is no chemical residue left from all those wet-wipes I had to use.

Always make sure the diaper area is completely dry before fastening the new diaper or applying the diaper cream.

Diaper cream contains zinc which traps moisture against the skin and can worsen or start a diaper rash.

I also don't apply diaper cream at every diaper change, only after poo diapers. I believe the less chemicals on the skin the better.

It's not needed to apply a really thick layer of diaper cream either, it actually says on the container that a thin and almost see through layer is best. We are currently using Sudocrem, it is more expensive than some of the other brands, but it has been 6 months and we are only halfway with the smallest pot now.

We currently use Pampers Sensitive wipes, as they are the only ones I found to be completely scentless and not soapy. The other ones I have tried that had soap or strange scents are the Huggies and Johnson & Johnson brand, as well as a few other lesser known brands. I know there are wonderful organic brands, as well as mothers who make their own but I have not had a chance to try them yet.

You'll also need to prep the diaper before putting it on. The diapers get squished into little squares to be packaged and you need to pull them and open them up into their correct shape.

Remember to pull down the front wings over the hips on either side and then bring forward and over the sticky fastener from the back panel so that the two panels overlap.

You also need to run your finger inside the diaper around the legs, to pull out the wings around the legs, to ensure the diaper won't leak.

We are currently using Huggies Gold for Girls and I'm really happy with them so far. The brand you use is completely based on your personal preference. We were using Pampers Premium but it gave off a strong chemical smell that I didn't like.

An interesting thing to note is that the Huggies Newborn diapers are smaller than the Pampers Premium Newborn diapers. The Huggies thus fit our little girl better, as she was very small.

If you purchased or received any diapers that are the wrong size or that you won't be using, you can go exchange them without a slip at any BabyCity as long as they are still sealed. Same goes for any products or items.

The Pampers and Huggies Newborn to Size 2 have yellow strips on them that change color to blue when wet. For the bigger sizes without the strips, you can just pinch the diaper to feel if it has become squishy and thus wet.

You also get nappy pull up pants but just remember that if they have a dirty diaper, when you pull down the diaper, the poop may smear all along their leg as you pull.

You can also consider cloth diapering. There are many amazing cloth diaper designs. It's not the same as in the old days when you needed to fold the towel nappy (I used to fold them for my mom when I assisted her with my baby sister and brother), the modern ones are similar to disposable diapers in shape and have neat little clasps and fasteners.

If you are interested in cloth diapering, check out South African Cloth Nappy Users' website and Facebook group to learn more: