Step 1: Take a brelfie (Breastfeeding selfie)

Step 2: Google and download a picture of a tree with roots. Googling "Tree with roots vector" should give you lots of options to choose from.

Step 3: Download and Install onto your phone the PicsArt App from the Google Play Store for free (Blue and Purple Logo - "PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor")

Step 4: Locate the app in your menu and open it. Upon launching, the app home screen will have 5 buttons on the bottom menu bar. A House, Magnifying Glass, + Sign, Trophy and Person.

Step 5: Press the + Sign, which is the middle button, usually a pink pulsing/flashing button. A menu with 4 options will appear; Edit, Collage, Draw and Sticker.

Step 6: Press the Edit button. Your phone galley will open. Scroll through, locate your brelfie and click on it.

Step 7: Your brelfie will open in the edit portion of the app with a black background and a menu of all the changes you can make at the bottom.

Step 8: Press the 2nd button called "Tools". Another menu will pop up where you press the 1st button called "Crop". Your photo will open in the Crop screen where you can drag the corners of the screen to crop out all unnecessary parts of the photo that draw attention away from you and baby. Thus zooming in on only you and baby breastfeeding. Once you are happy with the adjustments you made, press the tick mark in the right top corner to accept the changes.

Step 9: You'll now be back to the edit screen with your newly cropped photo of only you and baby. Now press the 8th button on the bottom menu called "Add Photo". Once again your phone gallery will open and you can scroll through to find your tree photo. Find it and click on it to select it, then click on the "+Add" button in the top right corner.

Step 10: You'll now be back in the edit screen with the tree picture over your brelfie. Use the circular arrow on the top right corner of your tree picture to rotate it and the arrow on the bottom right of your tree picture to resize it. Drag the tree picture into position, with the roots sprouting from your breast and the branches over your baby's head. Try to position the angle so that the tree trunk is over your nipple and baby's mouth for best positioning.

Step 11: If your picture has a white background, you can remove it by clicking on the 6th button called "Blend" on the bottom menu bar and then on the 3rd pop-up menu option called "Multiply". This should leave you with only the tree and no background.

Step 12: Alternatively, if you want a white tree (they really pop on the picture), you can select the 5th menu option on the bottom menu bar called "Effects". Then select the 7th button called "Colors" on the left vertical pop-up menu. Then select the 7th button on the bottom pop up menu called "Negative". Click the tick mark in the right top corner to accept. Then you would do Step 11 but in stead of selecting the 3rd button called "Multiply", you select the 2nd button called "Screen" to take away the background.

Step 13: Click on the eraser picture in the top middle of the screen. Click on eraser picture again now located on the bottom middle of the screen. Adjust the Size, Opacity (If you want to leave a bit of see through or erase everything) and the Hardness (Blunt edges or gradually smoothed out) of the eraser. Then touch on the photo where you want to erase and clean up some of the roots or branches, any sticking over your boob or baby's head. I also like to erase some of the tree and lighten it over my baby's mouth, eyes and ears so that I can still see that cute face. Once happy with your adjustments, click the tick mark in the right top corner.

Step 14: Click the tick mark in the top right corner again to accept all the changes you made to your tree.

Step 15: Now select the 4th button called "Magic" on your bottom menu bar and all the artsy overlays / filters will load to turn your photo into the TreeOfLifeSelfie. Play around and select different overlays until you are hapoy with your choice. You can once again use the eraser as explained in Step 13 to remove some of the overlay on your and your baby's face, I like to see her normal cute face. Click the tick mark in the right top corner to accept the changes.

Step 16: Click on the 14th button called "Lens Flare" in your bottom menu bar to add a flash of light / Sparkle to your photo. I like adding it to my baby's latch to show magic happening. Select your sparkle, resize, turn and position it and then click on the tick mark in the top right corner to accept the changes.

Step 17: You are now ready to save! Click on the arrow in the top right corner, click on the bottom left button called "Save Private", then click on the "Gallery" button to save it to your phone gallery where you can find it after closing the app.

Read more about the origin and the meaning behind the #TreeOfLifeSelfie movement here: