Impact of baby shoes on foot development & WIN with Spotanella Designs

Barefoot baby

This article is done in collaboration with Spotanella Designs.

While I was working on my baby essentials list, I didn't know what to put down when I came to the footwear section. How many pairs of shoes will she need? How does the sizing work? How fast will her feet grow?

I'm sure you recall the list I'm talking about, it's the one that gets longer and longer as you add stuff at 3am. Then your husband starts to question the necessity of some of the items, as the bank account gets lower and lower. Like I told him, "If it's on the list, it's on the list, we need to get it. Don't question the list."

So not knowing anything about babies or how fast their feet grow, I started to research and read up on infant foot development.

My husband was obviously happy to hear that babies shouldn't be wearing shoes at all, especially not before they can walk, and shoes were not going on 'The List'.

Infant foot development:

Every mother will tell you that baby feet are the cutest, but while they may look like our grownup feet, they are nothing alike.

Baby feet have soft, pliable cartilage and only partially formed bones that over time ossify to become fully formed bones by their 18th birthday.

They are also rounder and plumper, widest across the toes and narrowest at the heel.

Around 10 months when babies start to take their first steps, they need the sensory input from the ground below their soles to learn to walk properly and balance.

By not wearing shoes, they also fall less as there's less need to look down. It gives them proprioception (spatial awareness), posture, strengthens and develops their foot's arch, muscles and ligaments.

Shoes can even interfere with their cerebral development.

It is very important that they have freedom of movement from birth and we are advised to not swaddle their feet and even cut off the feet from baby-grows.

This is something I noticed with my daughter from early on, she did not tolerate any onesees with feet on because they always ended up pulling due to being attached. I also found that she slept better at night when her feet were uncovered.

How to keep your baby's feet warm and safe without shoes.

While barefoot is first choice, it is not always possible. Especially during the winter when it is cold or when they are learning to walk and the ground isn't safe. E.g. dangerous objects like glass or even just the thought of them stepping in poop outside. (It's not fun cleaning between the toes of an unhappy baby).

So what are moms to do? Socks would be a logical choice but make sure that they are the correct size and fit. Also be careful of slipping and falling if the floor is smooth.

Socks with grips would prevent slipping but the grips must not be too hard or thick, because then once again baby will not be able to feel the ground for sensory input and motion may be restricted.

Which socks I put on The List and loved for my daughter:

While searching for the perfect non-slip sock to buy for my daughter, I came across Spotanella. They are stylish and comfortable with a thin flexible gripper on the sole.

For my daughter, the grippers were thin enough to not interfere with the sensory input from the ground and flexible enough to not hamper freedom of movement.

They come in 2 sizes, 0 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months for a perfect fit.

The added wow factor is that they are designed to look like cute little shoes, the perfect accessory to any baby outfit.

For my daughter's Christening dress, I had a replica of my wedding dress made from my left over satin and lace and to compliment her outfit, I paired it with a pair of Spotanella socks.

baby on wedding dress baby on veil Baby Laughing

I received so many compliments on her shoes and all the aunts were surprised to learn that they were actually socks.


WIN with Spotanella Designs 

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