What did you look forward to the most for becoming a father?

- "Playing with my baby and playing Lego and other toys with her when she is older."

What did you worry about most about becoming a father?

- "The finances and her education, how to raise her."

What do you now enjoy the most about being a father?

- "Seeing her face when I come home and all the smiles. I love the smiles."

What do you now worry about the most in relation to being a father?

- "The finances and crime. I'm worried that crime will affect her. Seeing as sexual crimes affect 1 in 3 girls before the age of 18."

What did you imagine, your wife breastfeeding, would be like?

- "I didn't really think about it."

What was breastfeeding like the first week after birth?

- "Tough. I just wished I could help."

What is breastfeeding like now, 6 months in?

- "Normal. It is part of the daily routine, giving her over to mommy for a feed."

What is your opinion of your wife breastfeeding?

- "I'm happy with it. It is good for our baby's brain development and her social intelligence."

When would you want your wife to stop breastfeeding and why?

- "I don't know. It is up to her and our daughter."

Do you feel like you missed out on bonding with your baby because you couldn't give her a bottle?

- "No, I bonded with my baby plenty. With tube feeding in the beginning when she couldn't latch, the diaper changes, the weekend daddy time and sleepy time."

How did you support your wife in establishing breastfeeding?

- "Took her to the breastfeeding clinics, moral support, brought her food and drinks, tried to help with latching the baby, burped the baby and got up with her at night for the nursing sessions."

What do you imagine breastfeeding feels like?

- "No idea, not even going to attempt to imagine."

Where did your baby sleep the first week?

- "On top of my chest, or my wife, but mostly on top of me."

Where does your baby sleep now?

- "Between my wife and I."

What is your opinion about your baby co-sleeping with you and your wife in bed and do you think it is safe?

- "I think it is safe. We are both non-drinkers and non-smokers (the usual criteria) and I am very in tune with my baby and where she is."

What have you done to ensure co-sleeping is safe for your baby?

- "When I was ill and had to take medication, I placed a pillow buffer between us. Also when I am very tired, I place the pillow between us."

When do you want your baby daughter to move to her own room and why?

- "When my daughter feels comfortable moving to her own room."

How do you see your role in your baby daughter's life?

- "As a comforter, a teacher, a friend, making sure she is provided for and enabling her to be all she can be."

What do you do to bond with your daughter?

- "Play, cuddle and read her stories."

What did you think nappies would be like?

- "Stinky, much more gross than it actually is."

How did you come to experience nappies in terms of dirty diapers and the frequency?

- "I was fine with it, I did it since the beginning."

Do you mind doing diapers?

- "No, I'm not afraid of getting poo on my fingers. (Sings "I ain't afraid of no poo!" in the Ghost-busters theme song tune)"

What surprised you the most about your daughter?

- "Her loud smelly farts and how fast she learns."

Any other thoughts?

- "We've got a cute baby."