My baby girl absolutely loves bright toys with flashing lights, dangling bits or that play tunes. These are her top 10 favorite toys that I keep her busy with during the day. Most of them are available on TakeALot, where I do most of my shopping because I didn't have the energy for shops at the end of my pregnancy and also not with a newborn.

Only when I became a mother did I discover my fondness of giraffes!

1. Kids II - Start Your Senses Play A Tune Piano - R 69 - TakeALot
Plays various tunes and the keys light up, my girl loves watching it and we have starting helping her practice pushing the keys.


2. Sassy - Tactile Tunes Keys - R 79 - TakeALot
Because every baby needs a set of keys. The car sounds it makes are also entertaining.


3. Playgro Dingly Dangly Floss the Fairy - +/- R80 - Checkers
We call her "Princess" and she accompanies our girl on all her car rides, dangling from the infant carseat. She also recognises that it has a face with eyes and started "chatting" to princess. The teether feet have also begun going to the mouth for a taste.

Dangle Princess

4. Baby Einstein - Neptune Activity Peg - R 149 - TakeALot
Grandma mistakenly called this cute turtle a frog! Grandmas! hahaha


5. Yookidoo - Royal Rattle Princess - R 149 - TakeALot
This is "Princess Poopy Pants" because when you are a sleep deprived parent of a screaming 4 day old baby - you make up a name!

Princess Rattle

6. Tiny Love - Tiny Smarts Baby Giraffe - R 149 - TakeALot
This is "Ding Ding", her first dangling friend that chimes for her since she was a newborn.

Ding Ding

7. Tiny Love - Tiny Smarts Jittering Giraffe Rattle - R 159 - TakeALot
She can now grab the legs and bring them to her mouth for a taste.


8. Tolo - Activity Giraffe - R 199 - TakeALot
The bright colored giraffe with a bell in the head is very interesting to look at.


9. Yookidoo - Lights and Music First Book - R 319 - TakeALot
This is an absolute must for all parents! Brings so much entertainment for the little one and it is a hit with the hated tummy time.


10. Yookidoo - Light 'n Music Fun Ball - R 329 - TakeALot
She finally figured out that she has to hit it to het some flashing lights and music.


...Only when I became a mother did I discover my fondness of giraffes!