If you want to be a modern mom and be able to hang with the cool mom's, you need to understand the slang. Here are a few popular words you will run into on the mommy groups:
  • FTM - First time mom
  • SAHM - Stay-at-home-mom
  • WAHM - Work-at-home-mom
  • EBF - Exclusively Breastfed
  • LG - Little Girl
  • LB - Little Boy
  • BF - Breastfeed / Breastfed
  • BM - Breastmilk
  • FF - Formula fed
  • Top Up - To give an extra feed of expressed breastmilk or formula by bottle/cup/syringe after your baby has finished feeding on the breast.
  • NIP - Nurse in public
  • WHO - World Health Organisation
  • AAP - American Association of Pediatrics
  • Pead - Pediatrician
  • BLW - Baby Led Weaning (Giving food in its natural form and letting baby eat by themselves)
  • TW - Traditional Weaning (Purees)
  • LLL - La Leche League (The largest non profit breastfeeding support group in the world with a chapter in each country)
  • LLL Leader - A volunteer that has completed the LLL training and is now a Leader that helps mothers with their breastfeeding struggles.
  • IBCLC - International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • BUMP - Bump is commented on a post to keep the post relative and at the top of the page so that more people will see it.
  • F - F is commented on a post when you want to follow that post and get notifications when other moms comment on it.
  • TIA - Thank you in advance. This is usually written at the end of a mom's question on a group.
  • Pump and Dump - When a mom needs to pump out her breastmilk and throw it out because she drank a medication that is not safe for her baby to consume. She thus needs to empty the breast and make new milk before her baby can drink.
  • TTC - Trying to conceive
  • TMI - Too much information. Often commented as an apology when someone posts a quastion with a picture of the dirty diaper of torm nipple attached. "Sorry for the TMI"

If you are in any parenting forums, you would have seen some of these abbreviations. Now you will be able to follow most conversations much easier.