During your child's life, there will be many important decisions you will need to make, that will have a big impact on their future and upbringing.

If you and your partner can discuss them and make some decisions even before your baby is born or while they are still little, there will be less to worry about when your little one is born.

Will you be assigning gender stereotypes? Especially when buying toys. Doctor sets for boys, kitchens and irons for girls. Will your daughter mostly be wearing pink?

If you have discussed and decided on most things beforehand, there will be much less to disagree about later. Perhaps a first date is too soon, but it is good to find out what type of parent your partner will be, sooner rather than later.

Some topics to decide on regarding your children are;

How many children do you want and how far apart?

What are the responsibilities of each parent? Is it 50/50 or are the children the wife's responsibility? How will chores be divided?

Will mommy be staying home to look after the children? Will she give up her career? Is it something she wants? How much time will dad spend with the children?

Will you be breastfeeding, formula feeding or bottle feeding breastmilk?

Where will the baby sleep? Co-sleeping, room sharing or separate room? If co-sleeping or room sharing, until what age?

What method of feeding will you follow when introducing solids? Baby Led Weaning, Purees or Mixed Feeding?

What will you do when grandparents or family members try to interfere?

How will you discipline your children? For example, do you believe in corporal punishment? What alternative methods of discipline are there to use, like sticker charts, quiet corner, calm down bottles and many more?

Will they be treated as equals to adults in conversation or do you believe children should be seen and not heard? Will you be going down to your child's level to look them in the eye when having conversations with them or hearing what they have to say?

What religion will you be raising them with, if any? Will you be taking them to different churches and given the option to choose?

How will you handle your child's sexual orientation and gender identity? Will they be free to love who they want and what if they don't identify with their biological (born) gender? How will you let them know that they are accepted?

Will you be assigning gender stereotypes? Especially when buying toys. Doctor sets for boys, kitchens and irons for girls. Will your daughter mostly be wearing pink?

Will you be forcing your child to share and will they be asked for kisses and hugs? Will you ask for a kiss, rather than taking one. Will they be forced to show affection to grandparents or asked permission?

What schooling do you want for your children and which curriculum? Homeschooling, Private School, Private International School or Government School? Normal SA Matric, IAB, Waldorf, Cambridge, GED etc.

Will they be getting an allowance and will they have chores? From what age?

Will you be allowing sleepovers, ever? With all the instances of child molestation and much worse happening to children every day?

What about Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy? What will you say when they ask how babies are made?

These are just a few things to get you talking. I'm sure they will lead to many more.

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