Where I've been these last few weeks & Why I squirted breastmilk in my daughter's ear

Toddler baking

I'm baaaaack! Well maybe you didn't even notice I've been gone.

These past month, Marli has been very unwell. First with a cold and ear infection, then it developed into middle ear infection and just wouldn't clear.

The first week the doctor gave us meds to clear the cold and ear infection, giving instruction to return in one week's time to check on the ears. After a week had passed, we returned to find that the cold had cleared, but the ears were worse. He then started us on a round of antibiotics for the ears.

Look at me saying he started "Us" on antibiotics, like I'm also drinking the stuff. But to be honest, it counts as "Us" if half of it gets spat onto my face every morning after she discovered she can blow bubbles as soon as I syringe squirt it into her mouth.

So "We" drank our antibiotics and all seemed to be going well. There was no fever, she seemed happy most of the day and I chalked her outbursts and cries up to her getting older and more stubborn.

When it came time for the check-up, I decided to take her to the pediatrician rather than the GP, whom she seems to hate. I showed up to the appointment fully expecting an all clear and to my shock, the pediatrician said that the ears were "very very bad". 

She proceeded to ask me if Marli hasn't had a fever, since her ears are SO bad? No crying or moodiness. Was she her happy self? To which I had to respond in total embarrassment that I had thought the change in mood was due to the "terrible 2's".

I felt so bad, how could I not know my little one was ill!

We headed home with more meds and the warning that if the ears hadn't cleared within a week, we would need to be referred to an ENT and possibly get grommits.

I was so scared that we would end up in hospital having to get grommits. Not that there is anything wrong with that or that hundreds of mommies and babies don't go through that experience daily. I was just scared of having to go through an unfamiliar experience and having my little one go under anesthesia. A normal mommy fear.

So that is when I remembered that breastmilk basically cures everything, or so I like to believe haha. Together with all the meds she had to receive, I would also squirt some breastmilk into her ears every couple of days, since breastmilk has illness fighting properties.

And I am happy to report that her ears are now all cleared up! Probably due to the medications, but I like to believe the breastmilk also helped a little.

Friday was our first "back to normal" day and we baked some cookies to celebrate!

Baby baking cookies
Baby baking cookies

Look at this cuteness! She was so adorable baking the cookies all by herself (with a little helicopter mom assistance) and she was very adamant in telling me that SHE will switch off the timer alarm and then also proceeded to blow the whole sheet of cookies cold. She also spent the entire 16 minutes in front of the oven looking at them bake, so I may bake more often, just to keep her in one place. 

I was so impressed that she knew to keep her arms behind her when near the hot oven.

Here's the link if you want to try out these 3 Ingredient Cookies: http://www.thecomfortofcooking.com/2013/11/3-ingredient-shortbread-cookies.html