Why my Blog needs a Blog - The 'Personal' Section


So I have been toying with this idea for a while, adding a Personal section to my blog. Actually, I've been procrastinating about it for a while because I've made the section but just not posted in it.

I feel like I need a blog for my blog. A space where I can write about me.

You all probably think of me as the crazy breastfeeding lady or the smart-ass trying to tell you how to raise your kids. With all my articles (blog posts - I just call them articles because I like the way they sound more sophisticated haha) about sciency things and how things work, what not to do and so on.

But I know you don't know me. Yes I add bits of my experiences in but nothing much of who I am.

I'm actually kind and I care about moms and babies and people. Even though I was the most hated person on the internet for a weekend, but that's a story for another day.

So here I am, lying in bed at 02:57 am because I once again can't sleep. My brain doesn't want to switch off and I kept having pretend (practice) conversations with the other moms at the CT Moms Who Blog event that's coming up this weekend.

And I'm worrying if I have planned too many activities this week where Marli will have to be away from me. Should I not have scheduled my hair appointment in the same week as my looooong overdue spa treatment birthday gift (my birthday was in Feb guys, that is wayyy overdue) and then the CT Moms Who Blog event on top of that.

Is it too much time away from her? Will she be okay? Am I silly for worrying about this or do other moms also think about these things?

This is why I need a personal section, somewhere I can tell my stories and write down my early morning thoughts. (Was going to say, write down my crazy)

Maybe if I had somewhere to write it down, I would not have thought to get up last night at 23:00 after everyone was asleep, to go find out if it is really so difficult to bake Macarons. You see, my sister is getting married in November and she told me about the quote she got yesterday for the Macarons.

Which led me to lye there in bed thinking "They can't be that hard to make, surely they're not worth R10 each" and I then proceeded to go bake some. Turns out guys, that they are worth that price, it may be expensive but so was the tuition the baker had to pay at Hogwarts.

Failed macarons

I suppose this is the start of my personal section guys, welcome to the launch party. Unfortunately we don't have Macarons for obvious reasons.

Maybe next I'll write to tell you the story of why I have a picture of my husband kissing me on the cheek...but I'm 1 year old and he 3 years old in the photo... (Ooooo that got you interested? Stick around and subscribe so you don't miss the tea)